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I hope this day is finding you all well and filled with joyful spirits. I am preparing to have surgery on my right shoulder, so I anticipate that typing may prove to be a challenge for the next week or two. With that in mind, I simply want to leave you with two poems that are easy reads, and I hope you will enjoy them. Both are available under the Publications tab on this website.

The first poem “Turn Left” is a silly poke at myself, being as I am left-handed. Since my surgery is going to be on my right shoulder, you would think, “No worries.” But I do so much with my right hand as well! It’s going to be a serious struggle, but as they say, “Might as well laugh about it now.”

The second poem “Seven Days of Creation” is from when I was a children’s Sunday school teacher, and I wanted to teach the days of creation in a way that the children could remember the order in which God ‘did His thing’. It’s fun, and served its purpose.

May God bless you all until I am ready to revisit my regular blogs… Hopefully it won’t be too long.


Lisa Jo

Lisa Hudson
Lisa Hudson


Not long ago, while going to school,
Children learned about the golden rule.
And things didn’t always go as planned,
For a child who wrote using their left-hand.

Many a teacher considered it bad.
What a time these poor little children had!
Made to write with their left-hand tied,
Hands were spanked until they cried.

But worse than this, in a darker time,
Some burned at the stake for their left-hand crime.
So glad for the spanking, not having to burn,
Left-handed students tried hard to learn.

Then in high school, the desks were new.
Left-handed students had to write askew.
And what about books, bound on the left side,
And ink from our paper where our hands would slide?

Our left-hand smeared with a permanent stain,
And right-handed scissors, what a pain!
Science has said we’re in our ‘right’ mind.
But many others don’t support this find.

The number of ‘lefties’ is one-in-ten,
Well known for the funny way we hold our pen.
Some famous people bear left-handed traits.
McCartney, and Oprah, and even Bill Gates!

Left-handed people are no different than you,
There are just some things we’ve adapted to.
This little poem isn’t meant to be grand,
Just thoughts we ‘lefties’ can understand.

LJH 3/21/2016 ©


Close your eyes and you will see,
How our world used to be.
God said, “First, I’ll make it bright”
So on the first day, He made light!

His pallet had colors never seen,
Red and purple, blue and green.
With His brush and Creator’s eye,
The second day, He made water and sky!

With every stroke of His majestic hand,
Appeared the oceans, plants, and land.
This would be hard for you and me!
But not with God, and it’s just day-three!

As He looked upon this glorious sight,
He decided His sky needed more light.
So He added planets and a starry display!
He wasn’t through and it was just the fourth day!

Variety is the Master’s pleasure,
So He sprinkled the earth with hidden treasure.
Fish for the oceans, birds for the air!
This was the fifth day, with two to spare!

God loves to laugh, so to have some fun,
He created the animals! But He wasn’t done!
His finest creation was yet to be,
On the sixth day, He made you and me!

God said, “It is Good!” and relaxed the next day.
He wants us to rest, and in the same way!
“Work all week long, be the best you can be!
But on the seventh day, stop! And rest with Me.”

LJH 9/14/2012 ©

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