Dear Jesus,

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This letter may seem strange to those who are reading it, but you and I are familiar with my prayers written down on paper.  If ever there was a time to speak to you, it is now.  As we are in the most holy of weeks, and as we prepare our hearts for remembering your sacrifice for us on the cross, may we all take time and reflect on the impact of your great mercy.  I’m also thankful that your story didn’t end on the cross, but that three days later you were resurrected from death and the grave.  You are the hope of this world.

Lord, I praise you for who you are, purely and simply.  I can feel your presence in my heart continually, even when I am defiant at times.  Your spirit speaks to me always, prompting me to do your will.  I know I don’t always follow what I’m told to do, and I usually end up regretting my choices.  Please forgive me for that.  When I make these mistakes that only you and I are aware of, we two are the only ones who are affected.  But you also know that there are times when reason flies out the window and I say what I’m thinking before I think about what I’m saying.  I fear those are the times when I hurt you the most, and I’m so sorry.  I represent you, so when I behave or react irrationally, I fail you.

And then there is mercy.  How many times have you shown me your never-ending mercy?  I’ve lost count.  I am so aware of my shortcomings and faults, yet you love me as I am.  That is mercy.  I think evil things about other people, and can be so selfish about what I want, but you remain faithful and shower me with blessings.  Mercy.  Sometimes I get angry with you, because I don’t understand why you allow circumstances to occur that break my heart.  And then I remember that you are God and I’m not.  Who am I to question anything you do?  Yet you show me absolute love and mercy.  I can never thank you enough.

This Easter week, my humanness is showing, in that one of my biggest prayers is that my grandsons will wear the new shirts I’ve bought for them and will come to church with me Easter morning without complaining.  This sounds so trivial, but I know you understand where my heart is.  The things of this world come against me every day as I try to lead these two little guys to you.  I can only ask for one more Sunday.

My humanness has also come through, and not very well, as I have experienced the feeling of betrayal as I have never experienced before.  You and I are working through this together, and as always, you have provided comfort.  You have allowed me to hear sermons or see encouraging words or receive encouragement from my friends, and they have helped remind me that this world is not my home.  I am a spiritual being having human experiences.  It’s only temporary.  You are my hope, my blessing, my home.

Finally, Lord I will not even attempt to compare the betrayal I’ve experienced to the betrayal you must have felt during the days before and during your being crucified.  If my hurt seems unbearable, I can’t imagine what you must have been feeling as those closest to you ran away, or verbally rejected you.  You were beaten, whipped, mocked, spit upon, degraded in every possible way, yet you kept silent.  You never tried to make any excuses, you never pointed out your accusers, you did absolutely nothing wrong.  You took upon yourself the punishment I deserve.

As you felt the agonizing pain of the nails being hammered into your wrists and your feet, what were you thinking about?  I know I would be full of hate for the people who caused me to be in that situation, and I would hate those who were pounding in the nails.  Were you thinking of me?  Were you thinking about my parents, or my great, great grandchildren?  Were you thinking about the sea of faces that would come and go from that day forward?  Or perhaps for just a moment you wished you were a little boy again, sitting on your mother’s lap in the comfort of her arms.  You were human for a short time, after all.

I pray with all I am that many will come to know you personally during this holiest of weeks.  I pray that those who come to church for the first time on Easter Sunday will be introduced to the best friend they will ever know.  I pray those who have been on the fence will make that final decision and become a part of your family once and for all.  I pray that those who have accepted you as their Lord and Savior will find a deeper relationship with you, to where they will finally know the truth of your love, and the freedom found in your mercy.

As always, my Lord, I pray for my loved ones and friends.  May you heal where there is sickness and pain, may you draw those to you who have turned away.  May you bless those who love you and are doing all they can to tell others about your love and amazing grace.

Blessings, and may God bless you this Easter,

Lisa Jo

Lisa Hudson
Lisa Hudson
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