A Morning Prayer

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I seemed to have lost my rhythm in posting weekly blogs since my surgery, but I have told my OCD mind that it is okay.  I’ve been hearing sermons and podcasts, and reading scriptures that have told me, “This would be good to write a blog about.”  The simple truth is today I think the best thing I can do is write out my morning prayers, but first let me share a small exchange I had with my grandsons.

Last night I was cleaning the giant pumpkin I bought, planning to have a simple activity to do with the boys.  Neither was interested when it came time, so with one arm in a sling to hold it steady, my other arm awkwardly proceeded to cut open and clean out the pumpkin.  Alec became interested in seeing the inside of the pumpkin, and for whatever reason, started to gag at the smell and appearance of the contents inside. With my limited capabilities, I’m always searching for ways to tell these two young men about God. 

If you’ve never heard, like the pumpkin, we are chosen by God and he washes us clean.  He opens our hearts and helps us remove all the junk that is in our lives that has caused us to be greedy, angry, fearful, sinful, etc.  When his light is inside us, we become a light for all the world to see.  I told the boys that since they didn’t want to help me with the pumpkin, I was going to carve it the way I wanted to.  I proceeded to carve out a cross and with a black sharpie I wrote on the top, “God is bigger than the boogieman”, from one of my favorite episodes of Veggie Tales when my own kids were little. 

My Cason basically said, “You always have to make everything about God.  Why do you do that?  It gets so annoying.”

I answered him, “Yes, I do, because you are too young to realize how much you need God. It’s my job to tell you about him.  And if when I die, if all people can remember about me is how I tried to tell them about God, then I have done a good thing.”

My answer sounds noble, but in truth my heart was crushed.  I know God has charged me with this task for these two little guys because there doesn’t seem to be anyone else that is very concerned about trying to teach them about God, about faith, and about how much he loves them.  I know their great-grandparents pray for them, but they don’t get to see them very often, so the burden has fallen on me, and it gets lonely sometimes.  So, with that, I will share my morning prayer, still using P (praise) R (repent) A (acknowledge) I (intercession) S (supplication for self) E (equip) as my guide.

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Thank you for allowing me to share my heart this morning.  I wish all of you a blessed week, and may God keep you safe and looking heavenward.


Lisa Jo

Lisa Hudson
Lisa Hudson

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