A Grandma’s Prayer

I received some news just yesterday,
A confirmation of what I knew.
But made to face the reality,
Requires some help from you.

I am a Grandma, that is known,
And a mom, the second time around.
Not what I wanted but ‘there it is’,
My thoughts are written down.

As little boys do, they misbehave,
But before you judge their ways,
Consider their lot, and have compassion,
These have been difficult days.

It isn’t easy to be a mom again,
The first time was hard enough.
I barely survived, then too soon, a grandma,
The last decade has been pretty rough.

I’ve had these boys since they were born,
Legally, a few years ago.
Rejected by two dads, and then their mother,
The pain is starting to show.

As if not enough, I ended my marriage,
Causing friction in their safe place.
What appeared to be a union of peace,
Simply just wasn’t the case.

So now we three must go it alone,
For their grandpa has left them too.
He remarried and chose a whole new family,
Just “something he needed to do.”

He’s moving away, too far for visits,
Leaving me to handle it all.
I’m scared to death that I’ll blow it somehow,
And cause these two boys to fall.

Doctors and dentists, school clothes and shoes,
Birthdays and Christmas too.
I’ve done Chuck E Cheese and video games,
Cleaned up ‘messes’ when they had the flu.

But for some reason, God has a reason,
Perhaps he sees something in me.
For I was rejected when I was a child,
But now, through my faith, I am free.

I know for sure I’ll make mistakes,
And I know tough times are ahead.
I ask you to pray for us, not to judge,
And offer encouragement instead.

I begin each day with my Heavenly Father,
It is He, who will help me succeed.
My hope is that my grandsons will seek Him,
And discover He is all they need.


Lisa Jo

Lisa Hudson
Lisa Hudson

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