9/5/2021 – Remembering September 11, 2001

Empty Skies

As if it were just yesterday,
I see it in my mind.
Kids on the bus, me back at home,
Some TV, to unwind.

Folding laundry, drinking coffee,
My youngest, by my side.
My husband said, “Just look at that!”
“Oh, my gosh!” I cried.

A plane had crashed into a tower,
A lovely New York day.
A debate on if intentional,
Not sure of what to say.

But then it came, the second plane,
An evil act, no doubt.
The people stuck inside the buildings,
Unable to get out.

I couldn’t fathom what was happening,
Then ‘terrorists’ came to light.
Under attack on our own land,
Unprepared to fight.

We heard of other targets now,
Crashing here and there.
Our President was notified,
And soon was in the air.

Pennsylvania and the Pentagon,
Both hit by planes as well.
Passengers once, but heroes now,
Their loved ones left to tell.

The fire from the planes, so hot,
Collapsed the mighty towers.
The smoke and ash was spread for miles,
Watched news for hours and hours.

An act of war had been declared,
The mastermind, now known.
For a window of time our national pride,
And patriotism shone.

America’s skies were eerily silent,
Our children stayed at home.
As news unfolded from that day,
We learned we weren’t alone.

And for a while, the name of God,
Precious, and boldly spoken.
Songs of praise were heard in churches,
But soon the yoke was broken.

Yes, we rebuilt that hallowed ground,
A memorial, in its’ place.
Is it enough to remind our children,
Of trials they may face?

World War II, and Vietnam,
Old stories and days of yore.
But now I truly understand,
And will remember, forevermore.

10/23/2017 LJH ©

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