7/11/2021 – Lisa Jo & Charlie Boy Part Ways

It’s time… For those who know me well, they already know my marriage of 31 years ended officially in May of this year.  It was my choice, and as a Christian I struggled with the promise I made to God to stay together forever.  I still believe marriage should be for a lifetime, but I have also learned that it takes two people to make that a reality.  And I believe in my heart that there must be three in a marriage, with God as the central figure.  This was no longer true for our life together, and I’m not 100% sure it ever was. 

I ask that you not look at my words today as those of a bitter woman seeking whatever means available to make myself look good.  I have made and own the many mistakes I have made.  Charlie has already found another to replace me and has told me that he doesn’t care if I write about the situation.  It’s all out in the open.  His ‘woman’ has already posted a new profile picture on her Facebook page, a picture of the two of them together.  It’s official now, with nothing left to hide.

Knowing he has now made this other woman known to his parents was the confirmation for me that I have been erased from his family. I know his family loves me, and I will always love them, dearly.  The purpose for today’s blog is my proclamation that I am moving on.

I only thought it fitting that little Lisa Jo had to move on as well.  I don’t know if this will be my last Lisa Jo story, but it will certainly change the direction of any future stories.  I pray God’s richest blessings on my former in-laws and pray they will forgive me for rocking their world. I am working on forgiving Charlie, and I am hopeful he is doing the same.  Only God knows the real story, and with him to carry me, I will never be alone.


Lisa Jo

Lisa Hudson
Lisa Hudson

Lisa Jo & Charlie Boy Part Ways

Lisa Jo was feeling strange,
And wondered what it could it be.
Growing older,
She shrugged her shoulder,
“Perhaps it will come to me.”

Trying to put it out of her mind,
Lisa Jo headed outside the door.
She walked down the street,
On her way there to meet,
Charlie Boy, just as before.

As she was standing next to her friend,
She felt a small ache in her chest.
There was a voice in her head,
And it quietly said,
“I think we need to give it a rest.”

Lisa Jo had said it out loud.
Charlie Boy stared at his friend.
“You want a rest from me?”
He could plainly see,
Their friendship was about to end.

Lisa Jo and Charlie Boy
Had been friends for so many years.
Time passes fast,
Some relationships last,
And sadly, some end up in tears.

Charlie Boy didn’t understand,
What he had done so wrong?
It just wasn’t fair,
That Lisa Jo didn’t care,
Why had he tried for so long?

But Lisa Jo didn’t feel the same,
Her dreams were starting to fade.
“I want to do more,
That’s what life is for!”
Somehow, they both felt betrayed.

Charlie Boy was always content,
Dependable, quiet, and kind.
Lisa Jo became bored,
And she prayed to the Lord,
The answer, clearly defined.

Their time together was no longer fun.
Hard times outweighed the good.
Lisa Jo felt alone,
Reasons why were unknown,
But she tried to do all that she could.

Lisa Jo knew that she hurt her friend,
Changing their friendship this way.
Still wanting to try,
Charlie Boy asked, “Why?”
It was over and done, that day.

Lisa Jo and Charlie Boy,
Parted ways and left to grieve.
But with God in her heart,
And a new life to start,
Lisa Jo would always believe.

She will keep her faith in God above,
And do what He says to do.
She will continue to pray,
Seek His guidance each day,
For she knows his promises are true.

7/2/2021 LJH ©

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