5/2/2021 – My Person

Do you have a person?  A person that is your best friend, but also someone you feel comfortable saying anything that comes to your mind, sharing your deepest fears, someone who will let you confess your embarrassing and sinful thoughts and still not judge you.  I have such a person, and I thank God for her.

I have known my person for over twenty years now, but it has been in the last year that our kinship has become what it has.  We found each other again amid very difficult seasons for both of us.  As I write this, she and I are both waiting for the final divorce decree, the day when the final nail has been pounded on the proverbial coffin of our marriages that we hoped would last forever.

My person and I have two totally different stories, but they have been interwoven over the years, nurturing the friendship we have today.  To me, my person is the ultimate Proverbs 31:10-31 woman.  I encourage you to read those verses below. They describe beautifully what I believe most women want to be.  I have seen this woman rise above ashes that would have killed lesser women.  I have seen her raise and homeschool her sons, all they way to their graduation. Today, they truly ‘rise up and call her blessed.’ She managed to instill her love for God in both boys, and they still serve Him faithfully today.

I know I am probably biased in my view of things. No doubt, she will scold me, first for writing about her here, but also because I feel I have failed as a Proverbs 31 woman. I have shared this with my own children, so please don’t think ill of me for saying it again here.  Very often, I believe I should have never been a mother.  My childhood was such that I vowed that I would do a better job, assuming that we are all supposed to get married and have children.  I wish I had known God then, as he may have placed me on a completely different path.

Getting married and having children should not be entered into with the mindset that “I can do it better than my parents did.”  I was set up for failure from the start, but as a Christian woman, I hung in there for as long as I could. My own selfishness has won in the end, and I want to live my last days happily.  I want to fall in love before I die.  I have asked God for these things, and I have no reason to doubt his faithfulness.  My person knows this about me, and I can feel her prayers being lifted up on my behalf.

I suppose I chose to write about her today because she has been on my heart, and in my daily prayers.  She will admit it when we are face to face, that she is hurting.  But when we send texts back and forth, I can tell she is holding back.  I just want her to know that I love her dearly, and I believe with all my heart that had it not been for her encouragement and prayers, I may not be here today, motivated to get off my duff and begin writing again. 

I truly hope you have a person of your own.  They are a blessing from God.


Lisa Jo

Lisa Hudson
Lisa Hudson


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