Great News!

The Lisa Jo ministry has been going into overdrive lately, as far as improving our online presence and organizing our goals and strategies.  We are proud to announce that we have officially received tax exempt status for any and all donations that the ministry receives. This is a big step for us, in becoming an “officially” recognized ministry.

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We’d like to thank those that have prayed for us and offered words of encouragement, and also those who have already donated (most recently Gum Springs Baptist Church, who sponsored LJM during their VBS), and those who have purchased one or more of the  “Meet Lisa Jo” books.

We anticipate things to get more exciting, as we are preparing for another side of the ministry that includes dollhouses!  More details will be available as they develop, so keep checking in!

Please continue to pray that the ministry grows as God sees fit, and that the right people come into our paths at the right time according to His will. Thank you all!