In an effort to raise funds for certain aspects of our ministry such as the Meet Lisa Jo books, we work on putting together lovely, fully-furnished dollhouses. We then sell them on eBay under our eBay Giving Works-approved account, where 100% of the proceeds go to our ministry.

When a new dollhouse has been completed and is up for sale, we will post a link to its eBay auction page on our Good News blog. You will also see the page linked to on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages throughout the duration of its auction.

We also encourage you to follow our eBay profile to receive updates even sooner!

BEFOR & AFTERWe also take in unfinished dollhouses and dollhouse furniture as donations. We then refurbish donations as needed and use them in what will eventually become a completed project that will be put up for auction, helping the ministry. So, that project that you may have started and never gotten around to finishing can still be used for a good cause!